About the  Concert

Welcome from Lord Petre

It is a great pleasure, once again, to welcome everyone to the annual Rotary Jazz Concert in aid of local charities.  

It is difficult to believe that 2019 will be the event's twenty third uninterrupted year - a great tribute to the members of the Rotary Club of Ingatestone, and the former members of Shenfield & Hutton Rotary, who work so hard to make the event possible. I am afraid that all I have to do is to turn up and enjoy the music - a pleasant task, indeed - and so I must also acknowledge, with thanks, the part that my own staff will be playing in the preparations.

I do hope that you will all join me, in your usual large numbers, on 6th July to spend an evening of relaxed merriment and, in particular, to enjoy the swinging music from The Jive Aces. I have every confidence that this band , along with The Salty Town Six, will again provide a wonderful evening's entertainment.

Some years ago, a Dutch visitor remarked that it was quite insane for we English, with our climate, even to contemplate an outdoor event but, if past experience is any guide, we can look forward to a gloriously balmy summer evening.

Lord Petre

General Information

Ingatestone Hall, Hall Lane, Ingatestone CM4 9NS -see website to find us.
Please note that the Ingatestone Hall Postcode (CM4 9NR) is incorrectly logged on some SatNav and mapping databases and should not be relied on

Free Parking is available, which is situated approximately 500 metres from the concert area.

Facilities for Persons with Disabilities
Special Parking available adjacent to concert area. Disabled toilets.

Casual. A light wrap or additional layer is recommended for cool evenings.

Bring your own chairs and tables

Our Charities


Every day in the UK, a child is born with neurofibromatosis – some inherit the condition, others are affected by a random mutation. Nerve tumours can affect anyone: any ethnicity, class or sex. Nerve Tumours UK is the authoritative voice of over 26,000 people in the UK who are born with one of the neurofibromatoses. The charity seeks to expand knowledge of nerve tumours and advance the care for those with them.

Nerve tumours occur in three genetic disorders of the nervous system: Neurofibromatosis Type 1, Neurofibromatosis Type 2 and Schwannomatosis. Each of these conditions has its own range of complications, which can be life-limiting and impairs the quality of life. For example, Neurofibromatosis Type 1 involves the nervous system, skin, eye and bone. It predisposes people to many complications, including tumours of the brain and spine; malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumours and breast cancer. 

In addition to the physical impact of nerve tumours, many people experience social and economic disadvantages. It is a particularly isolating condition because it is often met with prejudice and bullying. Evidence suggests that the condition leads to severe financial hardship in the third generation.

Sadly, many health care professionals in the UK have little knowledge of nerve tumours and the manifestations of the neurofibromatoses. Obviously, this impacts on early diagnosis. NHS provision is patchy, support depends on location. Nerve Tumours UK operates a  scheme in partnership with the NHS, to provide regional specialist nurse advisors, but due to a lack of funding, this is not yet available throughout the UK. 

The Not Forgotten Association

Founder :

In 1919 the American Soprano singer, Marta Cunningham, was shocked to discover that there were thousands of wounded and lonely servicemen still in hospitals up and down the country.
After discovering that 600 injured patients were lying in one Ministry of Pensions Hospital alone, Marta was spurred into action. She went on to form The “NOT FORGOTTEN” Association for the ‘comfort, cheer and entertainment’ of the war wounded. 
Their Mission:
The Association’s mission is to act generally for the benefit of service and ex-service personnel with disabilities or who are wounded, including the organisation or provision of items or facilities for leisure and recreational activities, travel, holidays and outings. It aims to deliver high quality and safe recreational and entertainment activities to meet the needs of our beneficiaries.

Their Beneficiaries:

It supports any serving man or woman who is wounded, injured or sick and any veteran of any age with a disability, illness or infirmity; whatever the cause and whenever it arose. Any serving or former member of The Royal Navy, The Royal Marines, The British Army, The Royal Air Force and The Merchant Navy, both Regular and Reserve Forces, may be eligible for our help.

Their motto ‘From Comradeship To Challenge’ illustrates the variety and breadth of the support we offer. Each of our events and activities is intended to restore confidence, enhance wellbeing, boost morale and improve the chances of the service man or woman and their family enjoying a normal, if not better, life.

As a small charity supporting some 10,000 men and women each year with a team of just nine staff, we couldn’t be more grateful to our fantastic fundraisers.

Every donation is important to NFA and helps us to continue making a real difference to the lives of injured service men and women.
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Other Rotary charities

The Bands


We are delighted that The Jive Aces have agreed to perform here at Ingatestone Hall.

They are a six-piece UK based, high energy, jive and swing band, formed in 1989. Some of the band are local, coming from Billericay.

They were the winners of BBC TV's Opportunity Knocks, and Britain's Got Talent semi-finalists in 2012. In May 2012 they performed for HM the Queen & HRH Prince Phillip as part of her majessty’s Diamond Jubilee Celebrations. They have recorded singles and albums and have performed at numerous music festivals, including Glastonbury on at least three occasions.

The band is widely recognised as one of the top swing bands in the world, having performed in over 30 countries. The June 2015 issue of "Vintage Rock" magazine described them as the "UK's number one jive and swing band".
Ian Clarkson – vocals, trumpet, ukulele
Ken Smith – double bass
Vince Hurley – piano
Peter Howell – drums
John Fordham – saxophone
Alex Douglas – trombone, washboard, bongos, blues harp, kazoo, spoons, vuvuzela

For latest news and information on the band, visit their website  - www.jiveaces.com


The Essex based Salty Town Six are a group of jazz musicians steeped in the traditions of New Orleans music. The band play a wide selection of tunes form the 1920s and 1930s. Most of the band members have made and played this music for more than 50 years and it is part of them.

Their music, live and bouncing, while dated in origin attracts fans of all ages and is sure to get your feet tapping.

Band personnel:
Bill Jenkins - trumpet    George Tidiman - trombone    Goff Dubber - Clarinet
Olley Benson - banjo/guitar    Ron West - drums    Derek Pring - bass 

Our Sponsors in 2019

This list of our 2019 sponsors will be displayed at Ingatestone Hall during the event.
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Report On Jazz Concert With The Jive Aces 7th July 2018

In the 22 years that the Ingatestone Rotary’s “Summer Evening Jazz” event has existed, this has to be right up there with the best!

Blessed with the recent heat wave, families and friends flocked into the gardens of the magnificent Historic Ingatestone Hall, courtesy of Lord Petre,  to enjoy a picnic evening, accompanied with the resounding sound of two great bands: The Classic New Orleans ‘Salty Town Six’ and the UK's No.1 jive & swing band ‘ The Jive Aces’.
For those without their own picnic, refreshments were excellently provided by a BBQ run by Giggly Pig, wine and beer flowed from the Brentwood Brewery, Molly cooled us with Ice Cream and Coffee followed from Trevor.
The Salty Town Six playing New Orleans Jazz began the evening with some truly magnificent toe tapping traditional jazz.   The Lord Petre welcomed everyone to the Hall and wished them an evening of enjoyment.  The Jive Aces then took centre stage. They are the UK’s top Jive & Swing band and are renowned for their high energy Jump Jive music, which was both exciting and very danceable. From then on every space  was filled with dancing feet until darkness prevailed at 10pm!
Meanwhile, the Rotary ladies were busy selling raffle tickets to the happy throng, which together with the sponsorship from local businesses and friends, brought a record-breaking profit of over £12,000, of which, The Not Forgotten Association-a tri-service charity, and the Alzheimer’s Society, will be beneficiaries
Thanks must go to all the hard work put in by Rotary members, their families and friends, as well as the sponsors and all who contributed to making this event such a success and finally to members of the public that supported what was an extremely enjoyable evening.

Photo Gallery

Over the past few years, we have collated this photo gallery - with acknowledgments to members of the Ingatestone & District Camera Club  for their images.
You'll find them here