The Rotary Club of Ingatestone
    District 1240    Chartered 26th July 1975 R.I.B.I. No 1235  

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We are a small, friendly club with an emphasis on fun and fellowship. There are 27 of us - some new members and some founder members. Our meetings are held weekly on Thursday evenings. We are always interested in meeting visitors from other clubs and welcoming prospective new members.

History of Club

The Rotary Club of Ingatestone was founded on 5th May 1975, its mother club being Shenfield & Hutton. First President was Rtn. Gerry Reynolds.
Founder Members:- C. Ash. S. Castle. S. Dawson. E. Eden. D. Fincham. V. Gerrish. W. Harris. I. Hepburn. D. Hill. R. Isherwood. E. Keppy. J. Larcombe. G. Linton. L. Lister. J. Meadows. P. Moseley. D. Nicol. F. Payne. R. Pritchard. P. Roast Snr. P. Roast Jnr. C. Salter. A. Spimks. D. Storrar. W. Tincknell. M. Trigg. B. Turner.
Past Presidents:-      
Year Name   Year Name
1975/76 * G. Reynolds   1976/77 *G. Linton
1977/78 * A. Spinks   1978/79 L. Lister
1979/80 * R. Pritchard   1980/81 *J. Grant
1981/82 B. Procter   1982/83 R. Saunders
1983/84 *R. Dye   1984/85 B. Turner
1985/86 * D. Storrar   1986/87 P. Phillips
1987/88 K. Jewitt   1988/89 P. Burnett
1989/90 P. Larcombe   1990/91 D. Nicol
1991/92 D. Fincham   1992/93 *J. Meadows
1993/94 B. Stewart   1994/95 I. Hepburn
1995/96 J. Huggett   1996/97 M. Bloomfield
1997/98 M. Lister   1998/99 A. Cooper
1999/2000 D. Welton   2000/01 M. Farley
2001/02 D. Goodman   2002/03 M. Lane
2003/04 A. Clarkson   2004/2005 A.Pudney
2005/06 N.Macalister   2006/2007 M.Allen
   * Deceased

  Obituaries: David Storrar
John Meadows
Gerry Reynolds
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