Ingatestone Christmas Market Stallholder
Terms and Conditions 2019

Please read this document before submitting your application form.
Please retain a copy for your information or if requested a copy can be sent to you.
1. These terms and conditions are mandatory for all stallholders and have been compiled to
ensure the market operates safely and to the highest standards
2. Exhibitors will not be able to select their pitch position and applications will not be
accepted on the condition of a specific location. This is to ensure a good retail mix is
3. Market Opening Hours
Sunday 8th December 2019 12:00 – 18:00
4. Staffing
Applicants must ensure their pitches or stalls are staffed at all times. Due to the configuration
of the site late arrival and early departure will not be possible.
5. Setting Up
Setting up will be on the morning of the 8th December, precise details of
individual stallholders set up times will be issued prior to the start of the event. All stallholders
will be limited to 1 (one) vehicle on site at any one time.
6. Vehicle Movements
For health and safety reasons vehicle movements are restricted by the organiser to
Sunday 8th December 2019 between 07:00 – 11:30 and 18:00 – 20:00.
Individual time slots will be allocated. During the period the market is open to the public
vehicles will not be allowed to remain on the site unless they form an essential part of the
stallholders stall and previous agreement with the organisers has been reached. No vehicles
may be moved whilst members of the public remain on the site and without the agreement
of the organisers.
7. Pitch and Stall Boundaries
Stallholders are required to keep their goods and services within the perimeter of their pitch
or stall at all times.
8. Heating Appliances
For health and safety reasons kettles, hot water urns and portable heaters are not
permitted at any stalls without prior agreement.
9. Power
Arrrangements for an electrical power supply to the stall may be made if an application
is received at the time of applying for a pitch or stall and prior agreement is reached with the organisers.
No power can or will be supplied on the day without prior agreement with the organisers.
Any generators used by stallholders must be silent and clean and fully compliant with current regulations.
10. Portable Appliance Test Certificates
PAT certificates are required for all electrical equipment used by stallholders. You cannot use
electrical equipment without a valid PAT certificate.
11. Stallholder Parking
The organisers will provide secured parking for stallholders off site at a location to be advised.
12. Insurance
By submitting an application form you confirm that you hold public liability insurance to £2
million pounds.

13. Indemnity
While marshalling will take place on the day the organisers will not accept responsibility for
any loss or damage to exhibitors’ merchandise, property or personal effects. We advise
exhibitors to take out their own individual insurance to cover such occurrences.
14. Noise
No microphones or amplification equipment are permitted.
15. Rubbish
Stallholders will be required to keep their pitch clean and tidy at all times. Any rubbish
created (including coffee cups, food waste etc.) must be deposited in the refuse bins
provided for traders. Failure to do so may incur extra third party costs that will be passed
onto the stallholder.
16. Venue Alterations or Additions
No alterations are to be made to the venue. No drilling of any kind will be allowed. If you
wish to use any form of fixings please ask the Organisers for advice. Stallholders will be liable
for any damage caused to the venue.
17. Notification
Exhibitors will be notified as soon as possible after  receipt of their application form whether
they have been successful or unsuccessful.
18. Payment Terms
All successful applicants will be notified by email and/or letter. Once email notification is received you
will have 10 working days to make payment. Your booking is not confirmed unless you have paid in full.
Once payment is made you will receive a booking confirmation. All payment are non-refundable.
19. Cancellation Policy
The organisers operate a strict non-refundable payments policy. In the event of a stallholder
cancelling their stall no payments are refunded. Should the event be cancelled by the organisers
a full refund will be made.
20. The Organisers
The organisers reserve the right to object to anything in any way associated with the
pitch or stall and the products or services being sold which are not deemed appropriate and
the exhibitors accept that they must rectify any such objection to the satisfaction of the
organisers for the benefit of the market.
21. Safety
Exhibitors must obey all safety announcements and comply with any reasonable request
from the organisers or their staff or nominated agents. Smoking is not permitted in or around
the venue. All electrical appliances must be safe, in good repair and fit for purpose.
The organisers reserve the right to inspect and remove any electrical items they consider unsafe.