Refurbished Town Welcome Signs


June 2020

The Billericay Society is very pleased to announce that the refurbishment
of the town's three Welcome signs has been completed.

The refurbishment was undertaken by P. Thomas Landscapes to celebrate
the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower sailing to America, carrying local pilgrims.

Below are photos showing how impressive the signs now look.
They are a true credit to the town.



A town sign on London road was originally erected in 1953 to celebrate the Queens coronation.

That sign eventually disintegrated and was replaced in 1993 by the current metal sign.

The refurbishment of this sign was financed by Clair and Susan Morley.

The photo shows the amazing result.


The Laindon Common sign was erected in 1986 to celebrate the club's 50th anniversary.

The Society covered the cost of it's refurbishment.



The Potash Road sign was the last to be erected in 1997.

Over time it suffered from a lot of neglect and was once removed from the site.

Besides all the work on the sign, the posts had to be replaced.

All the associated costs were by covered by Waitrose and Partners, Billericay.