74 High Street
Essex CM12 9BS

Affiliated to the Campign for
the Protection of Rural Essex

Number 198
October 2017


On behalf of the committee may I wish you all a happy, fulfilled and healthy New Year for 2018.
Welcome to our 82nd year of protecting our local Billericay heritage. We are all becoming as old as the Society. Unless we receive support from the next generation we may not be campaigning much longer.Our Green Belt land will be built on and our quality of life in the countryside will be lost forever. Once built on land cannot be reclaimed. Parents, if you want your children to continue to enjoy our local green spaces it may be time to consider the consequences of not getting involved in such local issues. Billericay Town Council has enough to do without having to monitor and protect our local public rights of way, (PRoW). Once lost a PRoW cannot be reinstated.

Annual Subscription
May I also remind you that your annual subscription of £5.00 is due in January. Some members who pay by banker’s standing order have not increased their annual subscription to £5.00. So please check the amount you are paying. Our thanks go to those who have revised their subscriptions. You could pay more for a cup of coffee.

Doctors continue to recommend regular active exercise for a healthy life and recommend walking. The Society walking group promotes this activity and meets on alternate Tuesdays. Walk starting points are listed in our Newsletters. We try to cover many interesting areas around the district that cannot be appreciated from a car. Remember at present you are never far from open country in Billericay.

Young Members
Many Societies are lacking younger members who prefer to stay in with their electronic gadgets. But remember when your batteries run down or you cannot afford the latest update, what will you do, when you find that you are surrounded by concrete? Since you cannot control your gadgets, or do not know how to repair them, they will control you.

Microelectronic Developments
When first developed in the 1970s microelectronic circuitry used in mobile phones, was intended for use mainly in an emergency, not for tweeting. They were also required to develop a satellite radio communication system that would allow, say, a connection to Australia. The original intention being that doctors would be available and contactable to handle serious cases in the UK, and vice versa. But games seem to have prevailed. You are creating your own future!

Tree Wardens
The Billericay Town Council wants to appoint tree wardens. Their job will be to monitor trees in their area so that they can be recorded. Once recorded, they can be noted on planning applications that may have conveniently ignored the existence of trees. This omission can enable the developer to fell them, if they are inconvenient to him. The fact that they provide accommodation for insects, purify the air and provide oxygen, is irrelevant to developers. It was a co-incidence that our last Newsletter made many references to trees. Once again we lead the way. If you would like to be a tree warden please contact the Town Clerk on 01277625732 or e-mail: townclerk@billericaytowncouncil.gov.uk.

Local Plan
Basildon’s proposed Independent Review was dropped at their August meeting. Somehow there has been an increase in the objectively assessed need from 15,000 to 20,000 houses. On what data are the revised plans being made? Will they include the necessary infrastructure of roads, parking, doctors, schools, sewerage and water supply? What are their plans for the Green Belt land? On behalf of the Society Doug Smith and John Humphries attended a meeting to discuss these matters on the 29th September. I do not imagine that changes to the political and operational structure of the Basildon Borough Council has helped with their decision making.

Local Policing
We have been receiving reports of concern about safety and security in the shops in the High Street. Billericay Town Council has taken the decision to fund the recruitment and expenses of two part-time special constables for Billericay. They are asking for volunteers to serve the community in these important roles as voluntary Police Officers. If you are interested please visit: essex.police.uk/specials.

David Bremner
, Billericay Society

Once again it is time to buy your tickets for the December meeting, Christmas Social. Tickets are the same price as last year, £10 each. This includes a fish or chicken and chips supper, dessert, a glass of wine or soft drink and tea or coffee. Our entertainment will be a presentation of words and music provided by Doreen Potter. Tickets will be available at the October and November evening meetings. If you cannot get to a meeting they can purchased from Julie Smith, telephone 01277 623560.

New Venue
As you are probably aware this could be the last time that we will be holding our Christmas Social in the Chancery Way Centre (known to us as the Day Centre). We will meet here until April 2018 when it will be closed for refurbishment or rebuilt.We do not know if the hall will be rebuilt or refurbished and enlarged. The surface water drain has been sorted out already, for which we are pleased. At some time in the future, when the refurbishment or rebuilding work has been completed, we are hopeful that we will be able to return to it for our meetings. This Centre has been our home for many years. For our meetings from May 2018 the Committee has arranged for us to be based in the Performing Areaof Billericay Arts Association, Laindon Road, which has a larger car and kitchen facilities, suitable for our needs.

If you need any further information regarding either the Christmas Social, or the move to the Fold please do not hesitate to speak to David Bremner or Doug and JulieSmith. Telephone numbers are listed on your Membership Cards.

As usual there was no meeting in August. Maggie Smith presented an interesting insight into several conspiracies and scandals for the September meeting.


David Bremner led a walk around Hatfield Peverel in July. For the August walks, Ian Fuller ledaround Great Burstead, followed by a John Humphies walk to Fyfield and David Bremner’s walk around Herongate. A walk from Mill Green, Ingatestone, was followed by a sea-front walk from Leigh to Southend in September. The October Canvey Island walk was cancelled.

Close to the date of the walk, check with the chairman, or our website, for any changes. Before setting out please check the walks listing and note the walk starting point. Most walks start at 10:00am and may cross stiles. Suitable clothing should be worn. Footwear should reflect the weather conditions and the state of the ground. No dogs please. If you use a pub car park please at least have a drink, if only a soft one.

7th November,Gooseberry Green, park at the Inn on the Green. Walk to St Giles Church.

21st November, West Hanningfield, park at theThree Compasses,CM2 8UQ,01245 400 447.

5th December, walkers Christmas Social at the Olde Dog Inn, Billericay Road, Herrongate,CM13 3SD,01277 810337.
Note: Due to problems changing there will not be a walk before this social.

9th January, the Red Lion, Billericay High Street, CM12 9AJ.

23rd January, Havering, Park at the Orange Tree,RM4 1PB, 01708 752739.

6th February, Great Burstead: Park at the King’s Head,CM11 2PS, 01277 637135.

20th February, Stock: Park at the Bakers Arms, CM4 9NF, 01277 63715.

6th March, Six Bells Boreham, CM3 3JE, 01245 467232.

20th March, Jolly Sailor, Heybridge Basin, CM9 4RS, 01621 854210.

3rd April, Horse & Groom, Galleywood, CM2 8PG, 01245 261653.

17th April, Canewdon. To be arranged.


President Ian Fuller Billericay 655564
Chairman David Bremner Billericay 626674
Vice Chairman & Fire Marshall Doug Smith Billericay 623560
Secretary Lynne Beard Billericay 624282
Treasurer Julie Smith Billericay 623560
Membership Secretaries Lesley & John Humphries Billericay 656527
Social Secretaries Marian Thilo Billericay 624502
Publicity Janet Warren Billericay 634912
Reception Bob Reeves Billericay 631726